For our English final, we were presented 3 options: create a presentation on what is the best, what is the worst, or how to do something.  Being the indecisive and sometimes lazy person I am, I chose option 3 since it seemed the easiest.  That and I couldn’t decide what I thought was the best and the worst.  There’s just so many options, you know?  Well I LOVE baking and I LOVE sharing with other people so I thought “Hey, why not make something the whole class can enjoy?”  I mean, who doesn’t love cookies?  (There are probably a lot of cookie haters but whatever they’re missing out.)

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The Giving Tree

Now I’m sure I mentioned this before: my innovation project.  If you’re unsure what exactly it is I’ll do an overview and share what the whole experience was like.  First of all, this project was thought up at the beginning of the school year.  I don’t know how I thought of it; it just came to me one day in the shower.  I think I was listening to the Taylor Swift song “Mine” and the music video of her underneath a tree with pictures hanging off the branches got my mind working.  My partner (and friend) Lindsay and I knew we wanted to do something for other people.  Something to make other people happy.  Something someone hadn’t really done before.  Something like the Giving Tree. *sorry for the low quality images of the tree they’re better on Instagram and Twitter, I promise*

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