For our English final, we were presented 3 options: create a presentation on what is the best, what is the worst, or how to do something.  Being the indecisive and sometimes lazy person I am, I chose option 3 since it seemed the easiest.  That and I couldn’t decide what I thought was the best and the worst.  There’s just so many options, you know?  Well I LOVE baking and I LOVE sharing with other people so I thought “Hey, why not make something the whole class can enjoy?”  I mean, who doesn’t love cookies?  (There are probably a lot of cookie haters but whatever they’re missing out.)

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Using Anger as a Motivator

The other day in class we took a little quiz.  Well, we thought it was a quiz and had a mini panic attack because we had no idea that there was going to be one.  Long story short, it wasn’t  a quiz on The Count of Monte Cristo at all, but a quiz for ourselves.  We were asked what made us mad about our families, school, and ourselves.  Not your average English activity, right?  We weren’t going to turn them in and no one was going to see them; it was just for us.  Well, I got a little too absorbed in this activity and as I was reflecting, I actually got in to such a bad mood that I had to stop and think about why I was so angry.  I’m weird, I know.  Anyway once we had written all the things that had made us mad, we had to go back and write what we could to fix it.  So here is what I wrote in a rather large nutshell:

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