The Worst “Holiday” of the Year

Does Valentine’s even constitute as a holiday?  So many people are involved in this day, but how did this all start?  If you’re really interested, I suggest you check out this article because I’d rather not get into it. <> In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is quite pointless.  I guess you could say that I feel this way because I’ve never had a real Valentine, but that has nothing to do with my feelings towards it.  I don’t understand why it’s held in such high regards.  People love love.  They love the idea of love and the thought that they are in love with another person causes joy.  Well, if you are really in love wouldn’t you express your love for a person THROUGHOUT the year instead of waiting for a day in February to show someone you actually care about them?


In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was a day everyone looked forward to because we made little heart pouches, which were later filled by candy and cheesy cards that were bought the day before at the grocery store.  Kids are always stoked to receive candy and of course the girls loved making hearts and such.  In middle school, the day was typical because there weren’t classroom parties since we were too “mature” for that.  In high school, it becomes a different story.


Every teenager in a relationship most likely feels strongly for their other.  They might even call this infatuation “love”. *vomit* Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to buy your significant other an expensive gift, a bouquet of flowers, some chocolate, or something of that cheesy nature.  The day is supposed to be the time to declare their love for one another and all witnesses to “awwww” when they exchange gifts.  I think it’s complete bull.  In some circumstances, it’s not so bad.  I understand people have busy lives and they need to make time for one another, and Valentine’s Day gives them the perfect opportunity to forget everything else and focus on each other for a day.  But that applies more to adults.  I’ve heard so many people complaining about being single.  Sorry to rain on your parade, but you’re single the other 364 (365 on leap year) days of the year.


Valentine’s Day may become more important to me when I’m older and in a relationship, but as for now, I don’t think having this day is necessary.  Couples should be constantly showing each other how much they care about one another, not just on Valentine’s Day, but as often as possible.  Chocolate, flowers, and necklaces are available year-round and are much more appreciated if it’s a surprise. Giving someone a gift on Valentine’s Day isn’t a surprise.. unless it’s someone you barely know, but gifts are pretty much expected.  Since this holiday isn’t going to end anytime soon, might as well enjoy the discounted candy and bask in your loneliness.  Maybe find some other single friends, buy anything and everything chocolate, rent a romance movie, and spend the night creating scenarios in your head of how the night would be different if you were in a relationship.  Good luck

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