Why School Is Killing Us All

The most common sentence you’ll hear a teenager say to their parent about school is, “You don’t understand.” And it’s completely true. Adults don’t know everything. They may think they do, or act like they have all the knowledge in the world, but they don’t. I’m tired of them saying that they would rather go to school every day than work. Yes, school can be fun and enjoyable, but that’s only at the elementary level, where you spent hours painting and playing house, with occasional lessons on the ABCs. High school is another story.

Not only is the material more difficult than when our parents were in school, but the requirements to graduate have changed as well. Even those who don’t plan on college want to at least finish high school. The problem with school is the system is so messed up that all the fun has been sucked out of learning. We aren’t in school to increase our knowledge and gain a better understanding of the world; we are forced to be there by people who don’t know or care about us at all. Of course, a society full of simple-minded people wouldn’t get very far, but the material that is shoved down our throats isn’t used outside of the classroom. Are we really going to need to have an understanding of Calculus if we pursue a career in law? Students memorize what they must to receive an A. They could care less about retaining the knowledge. The worst part is the fact that the entire system has created this idea that getting good grades is of greater importance than increasing our intellectual capacity. School shouldn’t be about memorizing formulas and processes just to pass a test, only to be dumped after a week. Don’t you think something’s wrong if every student resents Mondays because they are forced to get up early and attend school? We are taught because it’s law, and a resentment towards the school system results.

Some teachers claim they love their jobs and couldn’t imagine doing anything better. Other teachers seem to hate kids and I have no idea why they’re teaching in the first place. If you really don’t like kids, that’s fine. But don’t take a job in which you are required to deal with kids for hours each day for an entire year. Teachers are supposed to be motivational and encourage us to pursue our dreams. However, there are teachers out there who don’t give a rat’s a** about you and they could care less if you pass or fail the class. Remind me why they got the job? They graduated college? Great. To be honest I’d rather have a mediocre teacher that enjoys what they do and inspires their students to become better people. We spend the most crucial part of our lives in school; a time where we are developing into mature individuals who will hopefully be able to function in society. Teachers have a huge impact on their students. They should be opening up our eyes to the world and making us see things we never saw before. They should serve as role models and treat us with the same respect they demand. If they constantly throw the material in our faces and act condescending and rude towards us, it just adds to our hatred of school.


School takes up a sh*t ton of time. We spend about 6 hours in a classroom for 5 days a week, only to return home and do homework for another couple of hours. At least adults get paid for their jobs. School without homework would be sooo much better, but that’s unrealistic. What’s crazy though, is I have homework for almost every single class every single day, including weekends. I have at least a test or quiz a week on top of everything. My mom always complains I don’t go out a lot and I take so long on my homework and part of it is I get distracted or procrastinate. Nobody wants to do homework; it isn’t fun, but it’s mandatory to get a good grade (here we are at the grade thing again). When I do something, it has to be perfect or I’m unsatisfied. I do my homework and it takes up a good 3 hours. Even on weekends, I have to sacrifice one of my days off to do homework. It’s a sick joke because we’re supposed to have a little break and relax on Saturday and Sunday but I spend one of those days doing homework or studying. I know some people who don’t go to bed until 3 every night because they have homework, but that might be because they procrastinate. It’s not healthy to get that much sleep though, because teenagers should sleep around 10 hours a night. It irks me that I always get teased by my family for taking so long. I have to work to get the grades I get, and people don’t understand. They assume I just pull it off and I don’t. I have to actually put the time in and when I don’t, my grades aren’t as good. My younger siblings don’t even have a significant amount of homework and my brother doesn’t do his. They don’t have the schedule I have or the same teachers. They don’t know what I have to do or how I have to do it.


Not only does the learning part of school suck, but all the drama does, too. Sure, you meet a lot of people at school and some may even become your best friends. As I’ve gone through the transitions from elementary to middle and middle to high school, however, I’ve found that I don’t have any of the same friends I once had. Heck, I don’t even talk to those people any more. We’ll pass by each other in the hall and not even look at one another. Also, high school can have so much unnecessary drama. Half of the stuff won’t matter in a few months, but of course it’s a big deal at the time. Things get blown out of proportion and you find that you have a lot of people who talk negatively behind your back. What’s worse is you see these people every day because you’re forced to attend school. You’re literally surrounded by people who will judge you on a daily basis and who shouldn’t affect your life at all, but telling a teenager to not worry about what others think about them doesn’t work. We just want to fit in and be accepted and if school has taught me one thing it’s that there are messed up people in the world who like to screw up your life because they’re unhappy.

Children who spend their childhoods working just to survive in third world countries dream of going to school. I don’t blame them for wanting to either. They’re thirsty for knowledge and they have this idea that school will help them escape from the harsh living conditions that they grew up in. That’s what everyone imagines school as. However, they don’t know about all the stress we are put under and what we are faced with. We all plan on finishing school, getting a job, and having a family. That is the typical plan. But what’s the point of doing all that if we aren’t enjoying the process? Life should be filled with moments of pure happiness and I feel like spending so much time in a place that makes us feel overwhelmed and trapped doesn’t aid us in our pursuit of life fulfillment.


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