Something Different

I feel like in order to keep someone engaged or interested in what you’re doing you have to constantly change things up. I’m not sure what it is.. Like does it put people on their toes or make them pay attention?

Do people like when they’re not getting the same thing over and over again? I honestly have no idea.  I have the urge to change things up, not only on this blog, but in my life as well. The problem is, I have no idea what to do. I’m not a creative person. I’m not the one who comes up with great ideas usually. I can build off of someone’s thoughts, but, unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to generate a starting point.

Do something different to have something different

This blog is nothing like I thought it would be. I was hoping to make it a lot better than it has turned out. I’m disappointed in myself that I’ve failed to follow through and achieve my initial expectations. I wanted to be able to express myself freely, but I feel like in every post I’m holding back. As a teenager, we’re always being judged and scrutinized. And because of that, I’ve found that I’m unable to say everything that I need to say due to the fact that I’m scared. I’m not used to putting my thoughts out there. I’m an introvert; I don’t like talking to others very often, especially not about my feelings and opinions. Everything is surface-level when it comes to conversations and I haven’t found a way to flip the switch and be free on a blog the way I had anticipated. I had hoped that I would be able to attract more people than I have, and I blame the success that others in my class have found. There’s another problem; I always blame someone or something else. I can’t just own up to the facts and I hate it. I plan to do things and I don’t follow through. I lose motivation or put things off for too long that I end up forgetting about them.


For this blog, I almost want to start from a clean slate. Or at least try taking a different approach to things. The problem is, I need ideas and I have no darn clue where to find them. If there’s anything I could change about my blog that would make me a better blogger/writer or if there’s a way to get active followers, that would be great. I feel like doing something totally different every once in a while would help but I don’t know what it could be. Any ideas?

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