First Date

“In the car I just can’t wait,
to pick you up on our very first date
Is it cool if I hold your hand?
Is it wrong if I think it’s lame to dance?

Do you like my stupid hair?
Would you guess that I didn’t know what to wear?
I’m too scared of what you think
You make me nervous so I really can’t eat”

Instead of doing typical school-related things in English every day, we have certain days where we just talk about other stuff; things that we could use in our lives.  My teacher put together a slide show to tell us some first date advice.  While the slide show was more directed for guys, it gave the girls a little insight into what guys think.  He showed us some cool places to go; places I had never heard of and to be honest, I want to go now.


Not that I’m a dating expert or anything, but I just feel like something fun and casual is appropriate.  What seems to happen is you can get along with someone great in a group setting, but once it’s just you two it gets really awkward.  It’s awkward when one person is doing all the talking or when there is no talking going on at all.  Obviously, you’ll both be nervous, but you should try your best not to show it.


Another thing is you should be able to read each other fairly well.  When a guy reaches for a girl’s hand he has to be sure she’ll go with it and not make an excuse to let go.  You can’t expect to kiss the other person if you’re constantly standing three feet apart.  Testing the waters before any affection is probably a good idea.


In my opinion, a guy better be a gentleman on any type of date.  I hate when guys don’t hold the door open for people.  My brothers were raised to hold open doors so I expect a guy to take the initiative and when he doesn’t, it’s a bit disappointing.  I would like a guy to stay engaged in the conversation and make me laugh.  The whole dating thing is a bit overrated; you don’t have to act like you’re on a date, you can just be two people going out and having fun.  The other parts should just fall into place.  First dates are just seeing how you guys get along and how the other person acts around you.  It’s a bit overwhelming at first and you probably end up changing five times, but you just have to stay calm and don’t over-think things.

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