Less is More

“Less is more
Back it up slow it down let it breathe
Cause you too much of a good thing can be bad”

There’s relationships in which one person is more into the other person and the result is a feeling equivalent to being suffocated. People need their space and it’s important not to become too attached to someone because chances are, you’ll probably… no, you will end up scaring them away. It’s okay to express your liking for someone but there are fine lines that shouldn’t be crossed. For example, if you talk to someone nonstop you’ll find yourself at a point where you don’t know what else to say. You’re at a loss for words because everything that could be discussed was discussed. You just ruined the conversation. However, if you hold back and choose to bring something up later, the conversation can build from that topic and evolve into an interesting discussion.


Also, if you’re one of those people who enjoys the sound of their voice too much, it may be a good idea to refrain from vomiting up meaningless words (not literally, I hope). Conversations usually consist of more than one person, so if you’re the only one talking, chances are you’re talking to yourself because a) the person tunes you out, or b) you’re really lonely and you fail to notice that every bit of your sanity has become a bird and flown away in an effort to escape the impending winter. Talking too much usually turns people off and when you have something important to say, it might not be heard. We aren’t given mouths by themselves; they are accompanied by our minds. Therefore, we must use both. Thinking before you speak is essential in communication so that you have a chance to contemplate what you want to say without being misunderstood. We shouldn’t waste our breath on things that mean nothing; our words need to have more meaning behind them.


Less is more can apply to other things such as writing a story. In English last week, we were told to write a short in exactly 100 words. At first, I thought it would be easy since 100 words is nothing compared to my usual essays. It took some time to find something to write about and after changing the story multiple times due to my dissatisfaction with the message it was sending, I found a storyline that worked. I wanted the story to be descriptive and be set apart from the rest. In this, I failed. I found that my story was well over the limit and after an initial wave of frustration, I began to cut words out. The words, I felt, were unnecessary and didn’t serve a purpose in the story. It was difficult, but possible. This is applicable to everyday conversations. If it’s not important, then why say it? If you can say what you want in the least amount of words possible, that’s perfect. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your breath.


People want to heard. They want people to listen to them. You can’t expect someone to listen to you when you don’t say anything important though. You have to be able to say what you want without going on and on about something without getting to the point. People try to take the round-a-bout way and it just makes everyone annoyed. Before saying or writing something ask yourself, “What’s the point of this?” Be quick to the point and don’t ramble, or you’ll lose the attention that you seek. When you find the right words to say, you’ll come to realize that less really is more.


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