“How bad how good does it need to get?

How many losses how much regret?

What chain reaction

What cause and effect

Makes you turn around

Makes you try to explain

Makes you forgive and forget

Makes you change”

Change is an inevitable part of life.  Change is a tide that can cause great destruction, or it can prove to be beneficial.  Most people don’t want to accept change and would rather leave things the way they are instead of changing.  As imperfect humans, we can be a bit close-minded and want everything to be exactly how we want it.  Anything remotely different is instantly placed into a category of “not going to happen.”  It can be difficult to adjust to these changes and the process is more formidable in our heads than in reality.


Like everything in the world, there are positives and negatives that come with change.  Some people view change for what it is: a natural process that occurs with or without our consent.  This might be moving into a new house that is an improvement from what you had previously lived in, or buying a new car.  Good changes happen constantly, but pessimistic people (such as myself) are aware of the bad changes most of the time.  They are usually more noticeable than the good ones and stand out in our minds because they are negative.  These could be getting kicked out of your house because you can no longer afford it, or your car breaks down.  While changes may not be this major, they exist and create a ripple effect in a person’s life.  One small change that may seem insignificant may be accountable for the major changes that come with it.  For example, changing your sense of style may attract that one person that you’ve been searching for your entire life.  You could get develop a relationship, move in together, or have kids, all over a reasonable time span of course.  Other examples of a ripple effect would be like the Directv commercials where one thing causes this extravagant series of events that seem totally unreasonable, yet it’s accurate in its message that one event can lead to a lot of other events.  One change might not change your entire life, but it could cause a chain reaction of good, or bad, events.


In English last week, we were asked whether or not we thought contentment led to lack of motivation for changing the way things are.  These “things” could be a part of our world or they could be changes within ourselves.  In the essay, I was a bit on the fence about the topic.  I mentioned that people aren’t interested in changing things that aren’t broken and that some people are afraid of change.  First of all, most people might not want to change things because if it’s working, then why is there a need to try and change things further?  There is the saying of “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” and I feel that this quote encompasses the human mindset.  We are a lazy species, there’s no denying that.  Therefore, if a person is content with the way they are or how things are, they may not have the motivation to improve it.Some people tend to have low expectations and if they achieve their goals, they are satisfied and that’s that.  They aren’t interested in improving their work or trying to do better; they achieved what they wanted and they’re happy with it.


As already mentioned, people would rather avoid changes because they don’t want their lives to be altered.  They may be in denial about the need for change, or they could just reject it because they don’t see a need for it.  Some people have the opinion that the world is advancing too quickly and we should stop trying to change everything and be happy with the way things are.  Some people may not be aware of the flaws in their personalities and are content with who they are as a person.  That, or they have tried changing and were unsuccessful.  They may have tried fixing their flaws, but failed so they tricked themselves into thinking that they don’t need to change.  While there can be changes made, these people are content, and refuse to change.  Other people may fear change for the sole reason that they don’t know what’s going to happen.  The unknown is what scares them and they don’t want to change because it means venturing into the unknown and leaving what they are comfortable with.


However, I also added that although some people may view contentment as a sign that everything is fine, others may see it as an opportunity.  These people usually hold the opinion that things, which are fine and functional in the world, can also be better.  They are constantly searching for new ways to make adjustments and improvements because they think that in the end, they will be successful.  They are content, yet they want to push themselves to finding something that will make them even happier.  For instance, a student may want to pass a class and is happy with his B, but knows that he can do better.  While other students wouldn’t try to push themselves because they are content, he works and improves his studying skills to achieve an A.


This song reminds me of the essay topic because it’s asking what it would take for one to want to change themselves. Things could be good, or things could be bad, but someone may decide they don’t want to change the way they are because they are happy with who they are.  There are two types of people in the world: those who constantly strive for improvement and those who set their expectations low and once achieved, they lose their motivation.  Whether a change is good or bad depends on a person’s perception of the situation.  Nonetheless, changes will occur even if they aren’t welcomed.  The only thing we can do is adjust to the changes and keep moving forward.


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